Adventure First Aid and Survival Kit

Adventure First Aid and Survival Kit

This is the perfect kit to take with you on any adventure. It is contained in a Nanuk 904 fully watertight and submersible Case. Take it on the water, your ATV, snowmobile, cottage, car, over-landing, or anywhere you go. The kit contains everything you will need for First Aid injuries as well as some great survival gear if you get lost.


Nanuk 904 Red Waterproof Case + First Aid Logo,

Size: 10.2″ x 7.9″ x 4.5″


Compress Trauma Dressing 3″x3″ (1)
CPR Face-shield with one-way valve (1)
Trauma Shears (1)
Nitrile Gloves Large (4)

Wound Care:

Abdominal Pad 5″x9″ (1)
Gauze Pad 4″x4″ (2)
Non-Adherent Gauze Pad 3″x4″ (2)
Fabric Large Bandage 2″x3″ (2)
Fabric Finger Tip Bandage (2)
Fabric Knuckle Bandage (2)
Fabric Bandage 3″ x 3/4″ (10)
Butterfly Bandages (2)
BZK Antiseptic Swabs (2)
Alcohol Swabs (2)
Tweezers Fine Point Stainless Steel (1)

Bone/Muscle/Joint Care (MSK):

Moldable Padded Splint 4″x 36″ (1)
Elastic Wrap 4″ (1)
Self Adherent Vet Wrap 2″ (1)
Triangular Bandage (2)
Safety Pins (4)


Emergency Heavy Duty Mylar Sleeping Bag (1)
Folding Razor Knife (1)
Clip Light (1)
Chem Light Green 4″ (1)
Duct Tape Orange 2″x50″ (1)
Signal Mirror (1)
Survival Whistle (1)
Paracord 3 ft Black (1)
Water Purification Tabs (10)
Whirl Pack 1 L Stand up Water Bag (1)
Storm Matches UCO with Striker (10)
Honey Packets (3)
Oral Electrolyte Powder (1)


Canadian Survival Guide (1)
Canadian Red Cross First Aid Guide (1)
Injury Report Forms Water Proof Paper (2)
Permanent Marker Black (1)
Pencil (1)

*OPTIONAL* Windlass Tourniquet (Additional $29.95)