Bee Swarm Simulator Codes 2019 Star Jelly Egg Legendary Update Secrets How To Get Translator Test Re

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes 2019 Star Jelly Egg Legendary Update Secrets How To Get Translator Test Re

Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Codes Club Update Translator Secrets Discord Script Test Realm Hack

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

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Tornado Cloud Vial x1, Jelly Beans x3, Royal Jelly x1
ClubCloud Cloud Vial x1, Jelly Beans x1, Field Dice x1, Micro-Converter x1
Gumaden10T Pepper Patch Boost x1, Pepper Patch Winds x3, Coconut Field Boost x1, Coconut Field Winds x3, Blue Flower Field Boost x2, Blue Flower Field Winds x3, Cloud Vial x1, Pineapple x15
BeesBuzz123 Cloud Vial, x3 Jelly Beans, x5 Gumdrops
Discord100k Marshmallow Bee Buff, Rose Field Boost x3, Pine Tree Forest Boost x3, Spider Field Boost x3, Jelly Beans x3, Gumdrops x3, Moon Charm x3, Ticket x3
500mil Field Dice x5, Gumdrops x5, Jelly Beans x5, Wealth Clock x5, 1h Conversion Boost, Stump Field Boost x2, Bamboo Field Boost x3, Science Bear Morph
ClubBasket Royal Jelly ×1, Gumdrops ×10,
Jelly Beans ×3, Blue Flower Field Boost ×2, Sunflower Field Boost ×2, Mushroom Field Boost ×2

Marshmallow Marshmallow Bee ×1, 1h Conversion Boost
ClubConverters Micro-Converters x10
Sure 30 minute Conversion Boost, Dandelion Field Boost ×3, 2,500 Honey
GumdropsForScience Gumdrops ×15
WikiHonor Royal Jelly ×1, Stinger ×1, Pineapple ×10, Gumdrops ×10, Strawberry Field Boost ×3, Inspire ×5
WikiAwardClock Wealth Clock ×5
SecretProfileCode Ant Pass, Shocked Bee Jelly, Oil Buff, Glue Buff, Enzymes Buff
ClubBean Magic Bean, Pineapple Patch Boost ×2
Wink 5 Tickets, 5,000 Honey, Dandelion Field Boost ×7, Haste+
38217 5 Tickets
Bopmaster 5 Tickets
Buzz 5,000 Honey
Cog D 5 Tickets
Connoisseur 5 Tickets
Crawlers 5 Tickets
Nectar 5 Tickets
Wax 5 Tickets, 5,000 Honey

Update Sep 28:
☁️[New Bee]: Windy Bee! An ethereal bee as powerful as the weather. Summons tornadoes to collect Pollen and Tokens! Defeat wild Windy Bees to obtain Cloud Vials!
🌼[New Zone]: 35 bee zone with new fields, new shops, and a new quest bear!
🐻[New Bear]: Spirit Bear! Uncover the mystery of Windy Bee, the Wind Shrine, and Spirit Petals in 30 new quests!
🐻[Traveling Bear]: Sun Bear has accidentally released Bean Bugs on the mountain. Help round them up to win 250 Tickets!
🥥[New Items]: 4 new end game items with special abilities: Coconut Canister, Coconut Clogs, Petal Wand, Petal Belt
🦀[New Mobs]: Coconut Crab – better prizes the faster you beat it! Aphids – pop out of leaves and give good loot!
🎲[New Minigame]: Memory Match! Match items on cards to win them as prizes!
– And more!

Join Bee Swarm Simulator Club for Treats and Codes!

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What is bee swarm simulator?
View source. Bee Swarm Simulator is an online multiplayer game made in Roblox by Onett. The purpose of the game is to hatch bees to make a swarm, collect pollen, and make it into honey.

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Explained: What is Roblox?

Roblox advertises itself as an ‘Imagination Platform’ that allows its users to develop or play millions of 3D online games. It was launched in 2007, and has 64 million players every month, with an estimated total 178 million accounts on the platform. It is available to download as an app on both Android and Ios and is listed as 12+ with Parental Guidance advised. Users can also play the game on tablets, PC, XBox One or Amazon devices.

It is described as a site created for gamers by gamers. The other main function of the platform is socialising, users are encouraged to make friends with other online players. The site allows users to “Imagine, socialize, chat, play, create, in
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