Build a Fire Like an Eagle Scout – Invisible Man Presents

Build a Fire Like an Eagle Scout – Invisible Man Presents

When confronted with a situation of survival in the wilderness, nothing is more essential than a fire. Making use of the various forms of flammable plant life which are abundant in the forest, the Invisible Man shows you how to not only choose the proper materials, but construct your fire as well.

Want to learn how to tie a tie? Impress a lady? How about the latest dance moves? Join the trusty Invisible Man as he teaches you how to do absolutely everything: from sewing and sign language to meditation and more.

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“How to Build a Fire”

“Lighting a fire is only half the battle. The way you build a fire – that is, how you arrange the wood – can affect how long the fire will last and the amount of heat it’ll give off during that time. This article will provide an overview of how to build a fire in any setting.”

“How to Build a Better Fire: Both Outdoors and In”

“Building a fire is one of those things that you might sort of know how to do, but don’t really have to do it that often. Building a fire is actually quite simple, whether it’s a campfire or a cozy one in your living room.”

“Basic Fire-Building Techniques”

“In a survival situation, building a fire can make the difference between life and death. A fire can keep you warm in an exposed environment, help you cook food to eat, or allow you to heat and purify water for drinking. Fire can also help you signal for help, protect you from animals, and sterilize first-aid supplies.”


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