Every Day Carry Mile High Pocket Dump On A Plane (EDC)

Every Day Carry Mile High Pocket Dump On A Plane (EDC)

I accidentally brought a knife on the plane. My ceramic knife went right through security And before I realized it TSA had waved me on. It was only a small Wazoo ceramic knife that i use for scrapping tinder when fire starting and could not be used to harm anyone on account of its extremely small size. Its smaller when opened then most blades in disposable razors so i wasn’t to concerned. I’m not crazy Not afraid to the plane going down but my every day carry Consist of over 100+ pieces of survival gear on my person at all times As well as 4 different ways to start a fire. And it’s all completely concealed inside 6 different places all over my person so no mater what goes down the odds of finding myself with out the tool i need to survive are very slim. First the Wazoo Cache Cap Which has pockets that holds the ceramic knife and tiny Farro rod As well as plenty of room for other flat items. Then around my neck i have the Viking Whetstone Pendant | Version 2 and the Bushcraf Fire Starter Necklace. On my wrist I have a procured bracelet called the Mountaineer Survival Kit Bracelet witch contains 14 different tools. Then my Wazoo Cache Belt witch has a 25 piece survival kit in it and slingshot bands and 7/16 steel ball. Then my wallet and a small tin witch have Grim Works survival cards for lock picking and fishing hook as well as A Diamond stone Sharpening card And magnifying glass for fire starting card from 5COL Survival. Which sounds like an awful lot of stuff But The micro nature Of most of this kit And its placement about my person I’m carrying a lot less weight than most ladies do with their purses and jewelry. It’s only there so I can fare a bit better than Tom Hanks And I won’t have to relying on some FedEx packages and a volleyball should the plane go down on a desolate island. And of course I don’t leave home without my slingshot So you better believe that was with me as well Ready to be paired with the slingshot vans in my Wazoo Cache belt.


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Last Time On Fowler’s EDC:
“Wazoo Ceramic knife / Fire Starter & SURE STRIPS Military Tinder (Best Micro EDC)”
This is the Best EDC fire starter kit you could ever have. The Sure Strips are a flat military tinder from Go Prepared Survival that can go anywhere without adding to your every day cary. You can get several fire starts from a strip the size of a credit card you keep in your wallet. Now you just need a spark and thats where the Wazoo survival gear comes in the Ceramic knife/striker and farro rod that go in the stash hat or the fire starter necklace. The two things combine give you a Micro fire kit that can not be beat. This is not just a sales pitch Everything you see here is part of my every day cary. In fact the roller sparker and Sure Strip combo will give you the ability to light a fire one handed. And it’s all so tiny you con take it on a plain hidden in you Wazoo Cache Cap or as i call it Stash Hat!!! Trust me i know all of this Was easily smuggle Through airport Security last time I went on flight without a hitch.

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