First Aid – Artificer EP03 – Pre-Release Magical Crafting Survival RPG

First Aid – Artificer EP03 – Pre-Release Magical Crafting Survival RPG

Let’s Play Artificer! Artificer is a new magic crafting and survival RPG game that is in the earliest stages of development. You find yourself crash landed on an alien planet hoping to survive and find your way home. You are surrounded by strange alien plants, weird alien creatures, and mysterious alien sounds. It has a very promising start with plenty of fun to see, and lots of great crafting on the randomly generated worlds. Let’s take a look and see how it looks so far, and whether it is worth following or contributing to!

Artificer has a Patreon where you can support the development of this upcoming game!

Artificer has a Steam page so you can wishlist the game!

You can learn more about Artificer on their website!

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