First Aid Kits vs. Trauma Kits, What’s the Difference?

First Aid Kits vs. Trauma Kits, What’s the Difference?

You’ll often hear the terms First Aid Kit and Trauma Kit when discussing medical gear. While some may use these terms interchangeably, it’s important to note the differences between the two.

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First Aid Kits contain components that are important but usually geared toward treating minor injuries. They should contain quality components and enough of them that you’re able to handle multiple situations before needing a restock.

Meanwhile, Trauma Kits offer components specifically for immediate, life-threatening injuries. These kits contain items like tourniquets, hemostatic gauze and pressure dressings, as the first goal is to stop any traumatic bleeding. While Trauma Kits contain supplies you might not feel comfortable using, they’re good to have in case someone arrives on the scene that does have the necessary training. Additionally, you can seek out training in your area to learn to utilize the supplies.

You never know what type of injuries you’ll encounter and it’s important to keep both a First Aid Kit and a Trauma Kit on hand. However, we’d recommend keeping them separate so there’s no confusion on what type of kit you’re grabbing in an emergency.

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