How to Survive Camp Crystal Lake | Slash Course | NowThis Nerd

How to Survive Camp Crystal Lake | Slash Course | NowThis Nerd

Today on Nerd, Andrew offers a list of dos and don’ts to help you survive Jason’s hallowed hunting grounds!
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Jason Voorhees, the peerless protagonist of the Friday the 13th series of horror movies, may be the most unkillable slasher in existence, and even if you understand How to Kill Jason, you still may not be up to the task. The killer who lurks at Camp Crystal Lake, his mask, and his menacing machete have become iconic staples of the scary movie genre, but behind the creepy gore and kills, Jason Voorhees is still a threat you can strive to survive. If you happen to be stuck at Camp Blood on a Friday the Thirteenth, and your name isn’t Tommy Jarvis, not all hope is lost.

If you don’t want to be part of the massive kill count racked up throughout the history of Jason Voorhees, simply pay attention to this video as we teach you How to Survive Camp Crystal Lake. Throughout the franchise, from the original Friday the 13th, through Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X, Freddy vs. Jason and beyond, we’ve witnessed hundreds of Friday the 13th kills and deaths, but even a Friday the 13th kill compilation of every amazing clip and scene can’t express the sheer terror conveyed through the evolution of Jason Voorhees in all its gory greatness.

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