Minecraft – Ant Farm – Survival Adventure Map – Ep. #32 – What A Find!

Minecraft – Ant Farm – Survival Adventure Map – Ep. #32 – What A Find!

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James + Simon have been shrunk down to a miniature size and dumped inside a seemingly inescapable Ant Farm! We must overcome the challenges of limited resources and space, aas well as a more than hostile environment in order to complete a list of some severely difficult challenges!

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In this, our latest ‘survival’ adventure map, we are sure to encounter many troubles as we attempt to complete the map goals:

Make a bow
Find and harvest clay
Make a clay brick house
Find and harvest sand
Make glass
Find gravel
Find and harvest iron
Make a bucket
Find water
Make an infinite water source
Find and harvest sugar cane
Make a book
Make a bookshelf
Make an Enchantment table
Enchant an item
Find and harvest red & brown giant mushrooms
Make more giant mushrooms
Find and activate the hidden chicken spawner
Make a cake
Make a sizable wheat plantation
Find and harvest gold
Find and harvest Redstone
Make a clock
Make a compass
Find a lava pool
Find and harvest diamond
Destroy all spawners (Total 18 hostile spawners)
Harvest obsidian
Make a nether portal
Enter the Nether
Leave the Ant Farm (No cheating!)
Get to the floor
Find and kill a slime on the ground
Get on top of the bed and find the hidden message 😀