Our Japanese Earthquake Emergency Bag

Our Japanese Earthquake Emergency Bag

We have an earthquake emergency bag in our house, but we don’t actually know what’s in it, and in fact, we don’t even remember where it is! But we eventually locate it and use the handy disaster preparedness guide that the government of Tokyo sent us to check and see if we have the necessities to survive an earthquake.

This is a generic guide for citizens of Tokyo. Depending on your family composition and needs, you may need extra stuff, like medication or special medical devices. So be sure to customize your emergency bag to suit your situation. I’ve linked to the English version of this guide in the description and we’ll talk more about disaster preparedness in future videos. I also added links to emergency bags you can get in the US and Japan. Be safe!

→ Disaster Preparedness Tokyo Free English Booklet:
→ Earthquake Survival Bag Amazon US:
→ Earthquake Survival Bag Amazon Japan:

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