SAS Tactical Survival Bow VS Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow

SAS Tactical Survival Bow VS Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow

SAS Tactical Survival Bow VS Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow

Here is a comparison video between the SAS and the PGU. Comparing the two bows in materials, arrow speed, poundage, penetration, decibels, special features, and comfort. This has been an interesting and long video of testing processes and research to insure and capture the differences and similarities. Both bow performed very well in the testing processes and are great tools. It really comes down to personal preference and special features when deciding which bow is better suited for your needs. Hope you enjoy the video, and please comment with any questions thank you.

Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow
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• The patent pending CFSB converts from RH to LH easily
• arrow speeds averaging 181 feet per second
• draw weight 47 lbs at 26″, 52″ at 27″, 55 Lbs at 28″. Higher for longer draw lengths
• Take it down to change the limbs or convert RH to LH, fold it up to transport.
• 23″ long by 1.5 x 1.5 closed. 59″ long open
• weighing in at 2.25 lbs.
• 23″ aircraft grade T6 6061 aluminum riser with limb locking bolts, 55 lbs. at 28″ draw, 18″ limbs, Endless loop Dacron string, owners manual.

SAS Folding Survival bow
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Technical Information:
• Bow type – Modern Longbow
• Draw weight – 50 and 55 pounds at 28 inch draw
• Maximum draw length – 31 inches
• Bow Length – 60 inches (strung), 21 (inches folded/stored)
• Brace Height – 7-8 inches recommended depending on your draw length
• Arrows speed – Up to 200 ft/s for 50 pound version and up to 210 ft/s for 55 pound version
• String compatibility – B50 Dacron
• Backpack/storage bag – Camo carry case (pattern may vary from photo shown) with adjustable straps and fully closing storage compartment for string and other accessories.
• Strung bow weight – 1kg (2.2 pounds)

Calculations for arrow speed
Average loss of 10 fps per inch of draw length
Average loss per 5 grains on arrow weight is 1 fps
Human release factor vs machine 5 fps
Brass nock 3-5 fps loss
Peep sight 5-10 fps loss
Silancers 2-3 fps loss

Kinetic energy calculator and chart in references
IBO and AMO standards in refereances

Here are some of the References;
Archery magazine
kinetic energy calculator
AMO explained Archery talk
What’s Your Bow’s REAL Speed?

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