Solo Winter Bushcraft Shelter Build – Building a Log Home in the Canadian Wilderness Pt.2

Solo Winter Bushcraft Shelter Build – Building a Log Home in the Canadian Wilderness Pt.2

Part two of the bushcraft log home building series.

In this episode I focus on building the walls. I use many dead spruce poles cut to specific measurements to create a friction-held wall system.

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Where was this filmed?
Alberta, Canada on private property.

Are there dangerous animals in this area?
Yes. This area is home to black bears, grizzly bears, wolves, cougars, and coyotes.

Do I carry anything to protect myself from these dangerous animals?
No. In the summer months I carry bear spray, but in the winter the spray would freeze.

What kind of tarp do I use?
It’s a homemade waxed cloth tarp measuring 6′ X 6′. It’s a small tarp, but it does the trick. I plan to make a new one soon that is a bit bigger. I will film the process and make a video on it.

What hatchet, saw, and knife do I use?
Hatchet – unknown (it was bought at an antique store for 8$ and it has no makers mark).
Saw – Bahco 21″ peg tooth saw blade. Wood frame is made by me. I have a video on how I made the saw, here’s the link:
Knife – Helle Sigmund

How cold was it on this trip?
High was -10 degrees Celsius, Low was -21 degrees Celsius.

What is my sleeping setup?
Two 100% queen sized wool blankets, a foam insulating sleep pad, and a rubberized ground sheet.

Why do I cut down trees?
All the trees I cut down were dead-standing. Dead-standing trees are usually quite dry, which is desirable for building material and firewood. Cutting down these dead trees does not negatively impact the environment; it actually promotes new growth within the forest.

How big is the log home I am building?
It measures about 8′ x 8′ at the base, and the peak is about 10 feet or so off of the ground. This size will allow me to have a bed inside, along with a fire to stay warm.

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