The End Is Near – Miscreated LIVE

The End Is Near – Miscreated LIVE

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Welcome Survivors To Rivet Gaming! Survival Gaming And More!!!

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=============ABOUT RIVET=================

Hi I’m Shawn aka Rivet:

I’m A Father, A Husband And A Gamer. I’m 37 Years Old And I’m Currently A Stay At Home Dad And Care Giver For My Sick Father. I’m Trying To Turn Streaming Into A Full Time Job Since I Was Laid Off From My Job Of 15 Years. My Wife Currently Works While I Pursue My Dreams Here Streaming For You 🙂 Any And ALL Support Including Subscribing, Liking, Sharing The Stream, Sponsoring ( Memberships ) Donating And Super Chats Are VERY MUCH Appreciated!!

=============GAME INFO===================

Miscreated is an online multiplayer hardcore survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world. After The Final War, humanity was brought to its knees and the remaining survivors cling to the remains of this unforgiving world ravaged by a mutated plague which was Miscreated in the fallout. You must survive against horrific mutants, hostile animals, other desperate survivors and even the elements.

Explore the world of Miscreated – an extremely detailed and diverse landscape featuring picturesque forests, towering cities, deep hidden caves, bunkers and sewers. Discover over 15 types of drivable vehicles and repair them to travel faster on land or in water.

As you explore the amazing world of Miscreated you will need to obtain food and water. Due to The Final War a lot of the items you find will be dirty, irradiated, or possibly even poisoned, so always inspect items before you consume them. Hunting wildlife to harvest meat, or growing your own crops, is the safest option. Be sure to cook any raw meat before you eat it!

Miscreated features an extensive temperature system and dynamic weather that can alter your character’s statistics. Dramatically shifting weather patterns include; raging thunderstorms, thick heavy fog, snow, blizzards, tornadoes, radiation storms and more. Always be equipped for the unexpected, wrap up warm when needed or hide inside buildings for shelter to survive the harsh elements.

The fallout of The Final War has ravaged the world with the mutant horde. Other players are the least of your worries in Miscreated as you confront a wide range of dynamic PvE encounters on a journey filled with diverse hostile mutants and wildlife.

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============GAMING PC===================

Gaming PC:
►Windows 10 Home Edition
►MSI Gaming Motherboard
►Processor- Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.00GHz
►Memory- 32.0 GB
►Graphics- NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070


►Music by Epidemic Sound (


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