Tornado Shelter Supply List | Rainbow International

Tornado Shelter Supply List | Rainbow International

Installing a storm shelter provides effective protection against tornadoes, but don’t forget the importance of stocking it well! Get our full tornado supplies checklist here:

Your first focus should be on stocking ample food and water in your storm shelter. Strive to have at least five to seven days’ worth of food and water per person.

The best way to store water for an emergency is to purchase one gallon of drinking water per person per day. Ideally, this means lining the walls of your tornado shelter with five to seven gallons of water per person. Rotate the gallons out every few months, since even water expires.

You’ll also want to keep:

Extra clothing
First Aid
Sanitation supplies
Camping gear and tools

And any personal documents such as:

Home deed
Tax information
Insurance documents
Birth certificates
Medical papers
Banking information

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