Winter Bushcraft Shelter Build – Overnight Camping, Raised Bed, Natural Shelter, Fire Reflector

Winter Bushcraft Shelter Build – Overnight Camping, Raised Bed, Natural Shelter, Fire Reflector

Preparing for the winter, I build a small bushcraft camp. I build a natural shelter, a raised bed, and a fire pit with a fire reflector wall.

My sleep kit includes two 100% wool blankets. I folded both in half, used one as my sleep pad and slept underneath the other (two layers of wool under me and two layers on top). I stayed warm and comfortable all night.

Temperature during this trip:
High: 5 degrees Celsius
Low: -3 degrees Celsius

I made the raised bed out of small diameter pine trees to make the bed have a bit of spring to it. In the future I will craft a sleep pad and use that on my trips instead of a blanket.

The wood pack frame is holding up great, and is a pleasure to hike with in the woods.
Fully loaded for this trip it weighed 20 lbs.
I used my waxed cloth tarp as the “pack” to carry all of my smaller items (cook kit, kettle, food, matches, string, sewing case, saw, honing stone) then used small diameter cord to lash it to the pack frame.
I will be hand sewing a canvas pack soon that will get lashed permanently onto the wood pack frame.

The shelter frame was made from well seasoned pine poles from dead-standing pine.
After the frame was built, I gathered dead spruce boughs and covered the frame with them.
Last I gathered ground moss and covered the whole shelter with the moss.
The shelter is waterproof and will offer good protection from snow storms throughout the winter.
I tested the strength of the frame with my body weight and it held solid despite the weight. I have no doubt it will be able to withstand heavy snow accumulation.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Thank you to all who watch.

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